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Matt HantekorMy name is Matt Hantekor. I have been an expert in the field of roofing materials for more than ten years. Now I am a key specialist in the company, which provides roof covering services.

My site will be useful both for visitors who want to get valuable and interesting information about roofing materials and for building specialists who work in this field every day.

The site is steadily evolving; its attendance is going up. Therefore, it will be interesting for potential advertisers as well.

First of all:

  • to companies which sell roofing in the United States;
  • to producers and suppliers of roofing materials in the United States;
  • to companies that provide roof covering services (metal tile, professional flooring, euro slate, etc.);
  • to organizations which provide services on installation of fences, protection from professional flooring and other constructions as well (garages, sheds, gates, hatches).

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