5 Types of Eco Roof – Advantages

For today eco roof becomes more and more popular type of roofing. Eco roof is very suitable for big cities, which don’t have enough space for large parks with trees, gardens and other vegetation. Therefore this direction in the roofing design is very promising and progressive.


Eco friendly roofing has a lot of different advantages, among them:

  • Cost reduction for heating and cooling of building;
  • This construction is equipped with filtering systems, which clean the rainwater from heavy metals and toxic substances;
  • Preventing the ingress of carbon dioxide to the building, this is especially useful for respiratory diseases;
  • This type of roofing has features of the sound insulation. Bass frequencies are absorbed by soil and treble – by plants;
  • Also eco roof is an additional agricultural space;
  • High energy efficiency;
  • Unique design.

It is hard to imagine the real value of eco roof and solar shingles for cities, because green plants have a positive impact on people and air purity. Also this type of roofing allows to reduce the use of minerals.

All types of eco roofs are very simple in maintenance, you don’t have to provide special care of it and carry large financial costs.


Eco roof has wide variety of different materials and types, so you can choose the options, which suits you the most.

So there are such types of eco roof:

  • Wooden shingles and shakes;
  • Thatched roof;
  • Slate roof;
  • Solar shingles or panels;
  • Green roof.

Wood is the most ancient building material. Roofing and walls, which are made from wood have a very good view.

Wooden roof

It is recommended to put at least two rows of shingles for outbuildings, three rows – for residential buildings, which will allow to make a reliable construction.

Wooden roofing, which is made from larch has nice structure, long service life, high resistance to rot and relative cheapness.

Thatch is also very old roofing material, it is a kind of tribute to the history. Today thatched roof becomes popular again due to the growing fashion for eco-friendly materials.

House with thatched roofing

As you can see, thatched roof can be very modern and good looking. Using this type of eco roof you can get really unique architectural forms and curves.

Thatched roof maintenance is very simple. It is enough to handle it with the use of salt solution for the sterilization.

Slate roof also has a lot of sufficient advantages, like good frost and moisture resistance. There is a wide range of different colors, for example, you can choose pearl-smoky, pale pink, terracotta and emerald green color.

It is important to conduct thorough cleaning of the roofing surface. This will avoid early destruction and leaks of the roof. So you have to use different moss removal substances and cleaning products for the eco roof maintenance. Also it is important to perform timely replacement of damaged parts.

Slate roof

For this purpose you can hire special cleaner or do it by yourself. You have to remember that these services will be quite expensive. For example, roof cleaning in Seattle will cost about 400 dollars.

Solar shingles is probably the most favorable variant among other types of eco roofs. Most of reviews on solar roofing show that this type of roofing is really energy efficient. And despite of the complaints on its high cost, it can be a very profitable investment for the future.

Modern solar shingles are almost invisible on the roof. You will not be able to distinguish them from regular shingles.

Solar shingles roofing

Green roof is also very convenient roofing material. In this case it is recommended to use lightweight metal truss construction. Also you have to use special elastic sheeting as a basis layer for this type of eco roof. This sheeting can be made from rubber, polymer or it can be decking.

On the basis layer you have to place vegetative mat, waterproofing layer, drainage, soil substrate and plants. You can plant different vegetations, like sedum, deciduous or coniferous shrubs or different types of grass.

Green roof


Here you can see the comparison table of average prices for eco roof in different US cities. As you can see, the price range is very wide, because it depends on the specific type of the eco roof.

In addition, average cost of eco-friendly materials is quite expensive, but in future with such type of roof you can economize a large amount of money due to its energy efficiency and sustainability.

Therefore eco materials will be more and more popular in future, because of the permanent increase in the value of minerals.

Also there are a lot of different companies, which are engaged in supply of eco materials for roofing. For example, you can contact to Wall company, Home Depot, Lowes or others.

City/State Cost per square foot, $
Portland/Oregon 30-40
Miami/Florida 35-45
Los Angeles/California 27-37
San Diego/California 25-38
Denver/Colorado 30-45
Houston/Texas 30-40
Seattle/Washington 25-45

In conclusion, it is need to say that if you don’t have enough money to provide eco roof installation by yourself, you can appeal to the government incentive program. Such kind of support will cover part of your costs.

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