Corrugated Metal Roofing – Why Choose and How to Install?

The character feature of corrugated metal – its wave-shape – makes it durable but lightweight, and thus it is perfect for many construction projects. Sheets of metal are strengthened by corrugating, and this means that lightweight materials, such as aluminum, become strong enough to survive through many years in any kind of weather. Traditionally corrugated metal roofing and siding have been used for industrial and commercial buildings.
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The latest improvements, such as the use of galvanized metal, have contributed in the increased demand for the product among residential homeowners. With all the properties of corrugated galvanized metal roofing you may expect the roof of this type to last up to 100 years, even surviving extreme weather conditions. Modern galvanized metal roofing also has fire resistant properties, so it is the best choice for the areas where lightning strikes are common, such as Florida and Michigan.

There exist several kinds of corrugated metal sheet roofing materials. Steel is the most common of them. It is rather expensive and heavy, but also it is very sturdy and does not rust or corrode. Copper metal roofs are also pricey, and their advantages are corrode protection and very easy installation. Aluminum is the most common for residential buildings, as it is rather durable, extremely lightweight and inexpensive.

When you find out the cost of Waverly metal roof installation, the price may seem too high at first sight, especially compared with other options for roofing materials. But before judging harshly, consider the following points:

  • The corrugated metal roof has a prospect of outlasting the roof of any other type by up to 80 years
  • Compared with an ordinary metal roof, you are still getting more for your money due to additional strength provided by the corrugation shape
  • Many of the roofs of other type are much heavier, so while installing them you will need more support constructions, which also require extra cost
  • It is quite easy to install the roof of this kind yourself, especially if you have some experience in any sort of roofing.

General Tips on How to Install Your Corrugated Metal Roofing

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The installation of this type of roof means fixing metal sheets to a previously installed wooden frame, with overlaps that allow you to fit the pieces properly, taking into account the steepness of the roof. Here is just a general scheme on how to do it. And whether you do this work yourself or hire a roofer, make sure that the manufacturer’s instructions on how to install corrugated metal roofing are followed properly.

At first, install the frame for the metal roof. This working phase requires installation of the constructions that provide enough support for the weight of the roof. And wooden frame for the metal roof should be covered with roofing felt.
To simplify your work, you may buy the panels of length ample to cover the entire side of roof. If the length is excessive, cut the panels using a circular saw or a jig saw with metal blades. Measure the width of the roof and divide it by the width of one panel to find out how many of them you need.

Always put the first corrugated metal sheet at the corner of the roof. It is a good idea to pre-drill the panels where the nails will be used to secure the position of the sheet. It is better to place the nails around the center of the panel, and try to avoid places near the age of it. If the length of the panel is not enough to cover the roof side, make a row by placing the second piece near the first one, with one hump overlapping.


Place ridge caps at the bottom edge of metal sheets. It helps to avoid corrugations and makes the roof look better, as well as prevents water leakages under the sheet sides.

Starting the second row, place the sheets, overlapping the first one by about 2 cm. Go on with sheets overlapping both lower and side sheet. Continue installing corrugated metal roofing until the frame is entirely covered with the material.

The Best Metal Roof for Your Home

Corrugated Metal Roofing Sheet
Of course, everybody wants their house not only to be safe but also look nice. Some owners think that metal roof will look dull. But actually many suppliers provide a wide choice of colors for metal roofing, from warm and rich red to neutral grey, and here the right choice may change the entire impression of your house.
It should also be mentioned that corrugated metal roofing is totally economically and environmentally friendly. It is easily recyclable, and is mostly made of recycled content. In warm weather it reflects the sun, thus reducing electricity consummation for air conditioning, and in cold seasons it keeps the house warm. Its light weight means that less support constructions are required. And to protect your home from leaks, you just need to install your metal roof properly.