Find out More about Advantages, Types, Colors, and Installation Requirements for Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is used for cottage construction, multi-storey residential buildings and industrial objects. Popularity of this material is provided by the best protection of all types of leakage, weather disasters and different impacts.


Metal roofing is very easy to install also it is durable and lightweight so You don’t need to spend time and money on the construction of large supporting structures. In addition this material is ideal for roofs with a small slope.

In general there are following main benefits of metal roofing:

  • efficiency – although this material is not cheap, but in the case of replacing old flooring You can put new metal roofing on old beams, it is very convenient;
  • a large variety of different metal roofing – there are a lot of different designs, forms and colors;
  • high durability – facts confirm that roof which made from quality galvanized metal roofing will serve at least 50 years;
  • metal roofing has high fire resistance;
  • roof made from this material prevents the accumulation of snow on the roof.

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There are following types of metal roofing:

  • steel roofing;
  • aluzinc roofing;
  • standing seam;
  • profiled sheets;
  • metal tile;
  • corrugated;
  • non-ferrous metal roofing.

The most traditional type of metal roofing is galvanized steel 0,5 mm of thickness. Usually for roofing work steel sheet is used in most cases.

Also one of the most popular materials is Aluzinc (steel sheet covered with alloy of aluminum – 55%, zinc – 16% and silicon – 1.6%). Galvanized steel has a really good protection of corrosion.

Aluzinc roofing

The other type of metal roofing is profiled sheeting. After profiling metal sheets become more solid and elastic.

Metal sheets with the height of 20 mm usually are used as a decorative elements. Metal sheets with high profiles (from 120 mm) is one of the most promising material now. It is used as a permanent formwork in multi-storey construction.

Profiled sheets are very popular in the construction of industrial buildings, interfloor overlappings, fences and sidings of buildings.

Profiled sheets

Metal seamed roof is a special coverage in which connections of metal sheets are realized with the help of folds. Fold is a type of seam which is formed in the result of bonding of roofing sheets.

Metal tile also is very widespread material as a type of metal roofing. Metal tile is particularly often installed as a roof on shops or different cafeterias.

Efficiency, durability, simple installation and different shades of product are the main advantages of metal tile.

Also the other type of metal roofing is non-ferrous metal roof. The most reliable and suitable metals in this case are aluminum, copper and zinc-titanium alloy.

Copper roofing


First of all You should have following tools and materials in addition to metal sheets:

  • roofing nails (4 on 50 mm) with wide nail head;
  • nails 4 on 100 mm which are necessary for fixing hooks and crutches;
  • hooks for fixing gutters of the metal roofing. It should be made from steel sections with following dimensions: 420 mm of length, 20 mm of width and 5 mm of thickness;
  • crutches which are used for holding the cornice;
  • cutter for metal roofing;
  • clamps which are used to mount roofing to the crate.

Basics of the metal roofing installation is a good preparation and equipment. Before the start of installation You should do some important preparation work:

  • You should check the angles of slope of the stingrays (the ideal slope angle for metal roofing is 16-30 degrees);
  • check strength of the crates;
  • check quality of the metal roofing sheets (it must be smooth, without bubbles).

Installation of the metal roofing starts from laying the crutches along the eaves through each 0.7 metres. Also You should comply the indent from the edge of not less than 150 mm.

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You have to nail crutches to the crate to use this construction as a support for metal roofing sheets.

You should place crutches on the edges of the cornice pulling on them a special cord for smooth placement.

Greasing seams with silicon

After that You have to fix metal roofing sheets to the clamps, one end of clamp should be nailed to the timber and the other end – to the seam. Clamps are situated on the end of each metal sheet.

Before the start of the work You should think about equipment – during the installation of the metal roofing it is recommended to wear special anti-slip boots to improve Your sustainability.

For the better compaction of the metal roofing You can grease all seams with silicon sealant and install end caps where it is necessary.

You can cut unnecessary elements with the help of special cutter. Also if You want You can install a special siding from the inner side of the metal roofing for energy savings.

So if You will do these simple steps, even the most strict estimator won’t determine that this metal roofing was made just by own hands without the participation of professional workers.

Cutting unnecessary elements by cutter


Modern metal roofing such as profiled sheets and metal tiles has a wide variety of different colors for all tastes (light beige, dark brown, red brown, ultramarine, coral, terracotta, dark blue color and many others).

Color range

Metal tile with a thin layer of polyester offers an especially large scale of colors. You can choose metal roofing in traditional, Roman or Mediterranean style.


Cost of the metal roofing in USA ranges from 10 dollars to 45 dollars per one sq ft. You can see examples of metal roofing on web sites of some famous companies.

For example, You can pay attention to the range of metal roofing of following brands: decra, lowes, baton rouge, alliance, maine, screws, home depot, ma, fabral.

In Alabama, particular in foley al and Dothan al prices for the metal roofing was set in the range 12-50 dollars per sq ft.

In arkansas price for the standard type or ribbed metal roofing sheet ranges between 8-40 dollars. In florida metal roofing for homes will cost 15-50 dollars which depends on the quality of material.

In denver price for metal roofing ranges between 10-38 dollars, in arizona, dayton tn and augusta ga – from 7 to 45 dollars.



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