Metal Roofing Materials: A Valuable & Life-Long Investment in Your Home

Metal Roofing Materials
Foto: Metal Roofing Materials


If you face a problem of replacing your home’s entire roof and don’t know what roof type is the best to give privilege to, don’t bother yourself any more! Be sure to consider weather-tight, extremely durable, fire-resistant and quick-to-install metal roofing materials.

Generally speaking, a metal roof, which is a building protecting roofing system made of metal tiles or pieces, has gained its popularity over the past decade quickly overcoming the non-metal roof history. It’s the number one choice of many builders and homeowners (both residential and commercial), who are constantly rising in number of being more and more aware of the metal roof product’s benefits. For example, the non-metal roof’s (e.g. asphalt) average life is 17 years, often requiring reroofing every 10-20 years, or even sooner. What concerns a metal roofing system, it offers an unmatched durability, thus lasting 2 to 3 times longer, making it a good and valuable purchase.

Generally, residential metal roofing comes in two different forms (categories): shingles and sheet-like panels. Of course, there’re many variations, patterns and colors within these two categories, as well as benefits and drawbacks.

Metal Roofing Materials: Pros & Cons

  • If you want to buy metal roofing for your home, first of all, you should weigh all the metal materials’ pros and cons against other more common roof materials, like tiles, fiberglass combination, asphalt, and wood shingles. Here are the main benefits of common metal roofs (steel and aluminum):
  • longevity (when properly installed, a metal roof can last a lifetime (30-50 years), thus being completely resistant to water, fire, high winds, snow, mildew, and even insects);
  • quick installation (due to material’s light weight (50-150 pounds per square) and structured form (12- to 36-inch-wide panels or multiple-shingle sections), there is a possibility of materials’ quick installation (day or two) without building any supporting structures);
  • energy efficiency (despite the premium metal roof’s high initial cost (unlike other roofing materials), you’ll most certainly make a benefit out of your investment by saving money in the long run, because light and dark metal roofing colors can both reflect radiant heat from the sun (cooling loads reducing) and insulate homes (warmth keeping) during winter colds, thus helping you to save on energy bills);
  • fire-resistance (though metal roofs are known of being noncombustible, their fire rating depends on the type of roofing underlayment materials: the most fire-resistant (Class A) and low fire-resistant (Class C);
  • minimal roof pitch (metal roofing can be easily installed on gently-pitched roofs without leaking potential presenting).

Despite all the abovementioned pluses, metal roofing also has a few disadvantages worth mentioning:

  • cost (the initial cost may equal $150 to $600 per square, and if you don’t plan to stay in the house for a long period or time (saves the difference), but rather move out in a couple of years, this might be a very bad investment);
  • denting (some metal materials (e.g. aluminum, copper) are prone to denting (hailstone hits);
  • noise (noise may come from a rainstorm or hailstorm drumming your roof, but the noising effect can be minimized by means of structural barriers and sound-deadening insulation);
    care maintenance (painted metal roof finishes can get chipped, peeled, faded, chalked, scratched, dented, or simply worn);
  • lightning (despite the assumption of metal roofs attracting electricity, it’s not a universal truth, but a lightning protection company, upon your request, can ground your metal roof);
  • expansion & contraction (during warm and cold periods metal can expand or contract respectively, that’s why most new metal roofing products are equipped with special movement accommodating fastening systems).

Metal Roofing Materials: Types & Varieties

  • Exposed Fastened Metal Roofing Panels (high quality, long lasting, and cost effective panels, fastened with color matched screws and neoprene rubber washers):
    • Tub-Rib/Classic Rib Panel (durable and affordable, most economical choice for both commercial and residential purposes, available in many colors with enamel or baked coatings, 40-year paint warranty);
    • R-Panel/PBR Panel (metal roofing and sliding panel for industrial and commercial purposes);
    • 5V-Crimp Panel (a beautiful classic for use on barns and older homes);
    • Corrugated Metal Panels (both old-fashioned and modern contemporary roof and wall product);
  • Standing Seam Metal Roofing (metal roofing of premium class with hidden (due to concealed side laps or clips) fasteners):
    • Image II (an interlocking fastener system with screw hidden on both the trim and panels);
    • Vertical Seam (high ribs aid strength to installation over either solid decking or open framing);
    • Snap-Loc 24 (best choice for commercial roofing (low sloped roofs);
  • Metal Shingles Roofing (beautiful and long lasting design (start at 50 years):
    • Metro Shingle (a quality stone-coated shingles with a hidden fastened system);
    • Decra Shingle (a classic look combined with a traditional style, steel reinforced);
    • Decra Shingle XD (deep shadowlines and thick cut edges contribute to a rich bold appearance);
  • Metal Slate Roofing (beautiful and long lasting design (start at 50 years):
    • ArrowLine Metal Slate Roofing (most realistic and steel reinforced metal slate, combined with the 4-way interlocking system and a lifetime warranty);
    • Enhanced ArrowLine Slate (a combination of special stamping pattern with a special paint system);
  • Metal Shake Roofing (simulates the split wood shake roofing look)
    • KasselWood Steel Shake Shingles (cedar shakes look in combination with the steel durability and strength);
    • Decra Shake XD (hand-split wood look with a hidden fastening system);
    • Metro Shake II (stone coated roofing with a thicker profile for over battens or solid decking installation);
  • Metal Tile Roofing:
    • Metro Roman Tile (best advanced stone granule coating protection);
    • Metro Tile II – Mediterranean (offers a Mediterranean style with advanced coating);
    • Decra Villa Tile (durable, maintenance free, lightweight);
    • Stile – Spanish Metal Clay Tile (multiple layers of protection coating);
    • Sapphire 350 – European Scallop (a unique European scalloped look with 35 year chalk and fade warranty and 50 year paint warranty).

Now you are aware of the most popular metal roofing materials types and varieties, but if don’t know what type will best suit your house or where to buy metal roofing products, call any metal roofing contractor able to provide you with any possible information concerning the product’s types and prices available on the market.