Privacy Policy

General concepts

Website – this online platform within which the activities of the User performed.

Site Administration – a group of individuals responsible for the site’s activity. Outside this area the degree of responsibility of the Administration is exhausted. Delimit the current site from another portal can be using the domain name of the page.

User – a person (natural or legal) that fill the feedback form, becoming a registered site visitors.

Feedback form – the fields to be filled in for registration within the Site.

Privacy policy

The findings of the completed feedback forms belong to the user. Site respects the rights of others, because of the possibility of refusing the use of personal information obtained. All entered through the form line is confidential. The administration does not intend in any way to manipulate personal data. The user, in turn, confirms the data transfer agreement with the Site at the time of registration.

Data collection:

a. Personal data

In order to recognize a person enjoying enhanced services platform, while registering user fills out a form with personal data. Getting this information can not do much harm to the visitor, and a beneficial effect on the portal. Reliable data help to go to the Site Administration contact with registered users, informing them about important changes in the work area. In the end, one-sided input of personal data has a positive impact on the user experience with the Site.

b. Non-personal data

Besides personal information, according to the scheme of the Site, the latter collects statistics. This includes information about the time of the visit, IP-address, the name of the provider, supplying services to the Internet browser, which has been committed with the entrance to the site, the language used, as well as the parameters of the activity at the site. Administration becomes aware of which pages of the site is the user and what was the duration of the session, which eventually left the visitor.

Using the information received

The administration of the site is not going to abuse the trust of users, using their personal data for personal purposes. Absolutely all the measures are aimed at improving the online platform. For example, the resulting name can be assigned to the script appeal to users who would not be available to third parties. The data is also used to recover passwords and account information.

The use of personal data by third parties

Site Guide to the transfer of information into the hands of unauthorized persons. It is against the law, because the Administration in any case can not go to such measures. The only precedent when the possible transfer of data to third parties when required by state legislation. It may be a requirement of the court or the investigative process. Sent to law enforcement data can not spread further. Privacy Policy may be changed if required by the law.

The use of cookies

By default, users use a browser with automatic recording of cookies. This is a mini-text file for storing data on your recent sites on the Internet. We need cookies to speed up the work with the account, for example, to automatically identify user accounts. Administration of the site can use this data to a text file for information aggregation and analysis of statistics visit the site. Ultimately, it helps to improve the service.

Data protection

These personal details are in safe hands owners of servers. The last shall be responsible for storing information. As a precaution use encryption information flow during the filling and transfer data from the feedback form. The administration has no right to change the information.


Site Administration strongly recommends not to disclose personal information used on the site to third parties. Particular attention should be paid to the information used to login. Access to the mailbox can cause a crack user account. A good password – the best protection for the personal page visitor. It is not recommended to use short, popular passwords and logical information that can predict (date of birth, your friend’s name, mother’s maiden name). For security reasons, the password is better to change with some frequency.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Site Management the right to change these rules Privacy Policy. This is done unilaterally without prior agreement with the User. These orders do not imply that the user has entered into a contract with the Administration – this is only publicity standards used in policy data usage. The user knowingly accepts the written rules for registration. If he does not agree, the registration procedure is interrupted. Privacy Policy can be appealed by contacting the contact information listed on the site.