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With time all buildings and structural elements need mending and roof is not an exception. In any case, sooner or later, you will need to think about the roof repair, especially if your house is operated for decades.

In most cases it is impossible to be completely ready for problems with roof. So you should conduct periodic examination of it and if it is necessary do not delay with repair.

Roofing is very important part of building. And the integrity of whole construction depends on the condition of the roof. Therefore, in order to be ready for the roof repair, you can read this article to learn some useful information about it.


There are following types of roof repair:

  • Current repair;
  • Minor repairs;
  • Reconstruction of the roof;
  • Overhaul.

Current repair is the most frequent, not expensive and also it can be the key to the longevity of the roof. In this case there is no need to change layers of roofing or to provide complete dismantling the roof.

Minor repairs are used in order to remove damaged parts of roofing. Also it can be performed in a form of installing patches.

Minor repairs of roofing
Minor repairs of roofing

When the replacement of individual parts is impossible, you should perform the reconstruction of the roof. For example, in this case you can change roofing, but the rest roofing system remains untouched.

Video: How to repair a leaky asphalt shingle roof.

And the most serious and expensive type of the roof repair is overhaul. It is intended for radical correction of roof defects. Overhaul must be performed in following cases:

  • Significant deterioration of the roof;

    Deterioration of roofing
    Deterioration of roofing

  • Serious damage of the roof due to corrosion or fire;
  • Incorrect original construction of the roof.


Before the start of repair work, you should learn some tips from experts to make this process more thoughtful and better. At first, you have to take care about your safety:

  • It is strictly prohibited to work in the rain. Floor of the roof becomes slippery and you run the risk of falling;
  • You should wear special clothes, which will not impede your movement. Also you have to use shoes, which do not slip;

    Roofing shoes
    Roofing shoes

  • Use ladder with a stock of length. Therefore, you will not have to stand on the last step. Ladder should be stable and reliable;
  • Always move on the middle part of the ladder and don’t use the side parts, this can be dangerous;
  • You should work with a partner, who will insure you and to file the necessary tools;
  • Repairing the roof with a slope, you should take ladder with special bracket to make a reliable fastening and to increase its sustainability.
Special roofing ladder
Special roofing ladder

You should remember that the most vulnerable places are flashing details, which are located at the junction of the roof and chimney. Also vulnerable are joints with tabs of the wall and windows.

Before the roofing repair you should conduct attentive inspection of the roof. During this process, pay attention to every spot, because this may indicate the appearance of leaks.

Video: How to Fix a Leaky Roof.

One of the most common problems of the roof is the leakage of waterproofing materials, which is laid between rafters and crate. Complexity of the roofing repair in this case lies in the fact that it is difficult to conduct the replacement of damaged material.

Replacement of damaged tile
Replacement of damaged tile

You have to perform following steps from DIY (do-it-yourself) guide to repair damaged waterproofing:

  • At first, in the place of repair you should remove tile using trowel;
  • Then remove the mounting rails on the rafters;
  • After that you can cut by construction knife the broken part of the waterproofing;
  • Put on this site larger patch, which should be pre-lubricated with polymer adhesive;
  • Resume the trimmed part of timber, fixing it to the rafters with corrosion-resistant nails;
  • Return tile into its place.

If the damage is small (cracks, holes, light shifts), you can easily seal it. This method is suitable for all types of roofing – slate, metal, bituminous or tiles. In addition, in some cases you can use butyl rubber adhesive tape to seal damages.

Larger damages can be sealed with bitumen or cement mastic. Also you can cover place of damages with primer and paint. To prevent the appearance of corrosion patches should be made from the same material as roofing.

Also nails, which you will use to fix patches, should be made from the same material as previous nails.

But how to perform roof repair in winter? Is it Possible? The answer is yes, in some cases. Necessity of the roofing repair in winter may appear unexpectedly, so you should be ready for it.

Winter roof repair
Winter roof repair

In general, it is possible to perform repair work, despite the temperature. You should keep the floor in absolute dryness. For this you can use special rubberized fabric or other material with rubber membrane. After that the algorithm of actions is almost the same as in the case of regular roof repair.

You should follow such main rules of the roof repair:

  • The replacement material must be an exact copy of the previous;
  • You should touch neighboring elements of roofing as little as possible.


There are following types of roofing material, which you can use in repair work:

  • Natural tiles;
  • Metal tile or metal profile;
  • Soft roofing.

Carrying out roof repairs, it is recommended to choose natural materials, because it has high durability.

For example, natural tiles have really nice view, although it is quite expensive material. It can be divided in two varieties: ceramic tile or cement-sand tile.

Ceramic roof tile
Ceramic roof tile

First subtype is quite reliable, but also heavy, so it can be difficult to use this material in repair work.

The most suitable material for heavy weather conditions is metal tile or metal profile. It is really similar to natural, but it is made from galvanized steel sheets, which are covered with thin polymer membrane.

Also top side of the metal tile can be covered with crushed natural stone. This makes this material nobler.

Metal roof tile with crushed natural stone
Metal roof tile with crushed natural stone

Many roofing companies offer to use this material in repair work, because it is comfortable for the installation.


To start roof repair you should know, what budget you will need. Thus you need to make detail estimates of the roofing repair.

Cost of the repair depends on the following parameters:

  • Area of the roof;
  • Materials, which are used in the repair work, its prices;
  • Scale of the planning repair. For example, overhaul will be more expensive than the elimination of local damage;
  • Degree of damage.

It is need to say that it is almost impossible to make an absolutely accurate estimates, because there can be many additional unexpected costs. So you should be prepared for unexpected expenses.

You should pay great attention to estimates
You should pay great attention to estimates

Also if you plan to involve employees and special equipment, you should incorporate these expanses to your estimates.

You can make a table of planned costs in order to get a convenient form of estimates. This will guarantee proper financial control.


If you don’t want to repair roof by yourself, you can hire a team of workers, who will work under the contract. It is really conveniently and reliably, because repair will be performed by true professionals.

Cain Construction & Design

Phone: 504-302-1850


Location: 1240 S Broad St, New Orleans, Louisiana

This contractor of roof repair offer 24 hours service for customers. Also it has qualitative materials and tools, because they ensure direct supplies from Home Depot trading network.

Graham roof & repair

Devoe Street



This company provides all types of residential roofing repair services, it is officially licensed roofing contractor.

Denver Roof Systems

Washington St. Suite 104

Denver, CO 80203

Denver Roof Systems has 30 years of experience on the market of roofing repair services.

Baker Roofing Company

728 Greenville Blvd SW


This is the largest roofing contractor in the area of Greenville, which specializes on the roof repair services, siding installation and construction of new roof.

C&H Roofing

Cypress Street

San Diego, CA


Company provides such types of roofing repair services:

  • Roofing reconstruction;
  • Minor repairs;
  • Overhaul.


Here you can see the comparative table for the average cost of the roof repair in US cities.

City/State Cost per square foot, $
Denver/Colorado 20-25
Dallas/Texas 25-30
Pittsburgh/Pennsylvania 30-36
Washington/DC 30-40
Greensboro nc/North Carolina 20-25
Gilbert az/Arizona 22-28
Greenville nc/North Carolina 20-25
Garner nc/North Carolina 20-30
Houston/Texas 25-35
Jacksonville fl/Florida 20-25
Jackson/Mississippi 20-30
Kansas City/Missouri 20-28
Miami/Florida 25-40

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