Flat roof replacement – How to Perform?

After a long operation time of flat roof you may need to perform the repair work. And sometimes it is impossible to fix the old covering, because reusable layering of patches can lead to the changing of the roof structure. In such situation flat roof replacement can be imminent.

You need to consider that this procedure is not less complicated, than a complete construction of a new roof or some types of repair work. Therefore, it is important to review the concept and all features of flat roof replacement.

How To Understand That Flat Roof Replacement Is Imminent?

Of course, it is not necessary to perform the replacement of whole construction in every situation. You should conduct a detailed inspection to determine the severity of damage.

So, at first, you have to explore the roof from outside. You should perform it after the rain. This is the most suitable time, because it is easy to find the locations of damages and leaks.

Flat roof with serious damages
Flat roof with serious damages

During the roof inspection you should pay great attention to places of an adjunction of the roof and pipes or other vertical elements. Also it is important to check the height and integrity of the parapet on the flat roof. The wrong parapet height can lead to the violation of the integrity of the roof.

Another important element of the flat roof is ventilation. A malfunction in the ventilation leads to the moisture condensation in the insulation layer. This may cause great problems with the roof, including the emergence of the necessity of its replacement.

The principle of operation of the flat roof ventilation
The principle of operation of the flat roof ventilation

Also very serious problem of the flat roof can be the shifting of structural elements of the roof and covering. In this case the roof replacement will be required anyway. Even the addition of balancing materials will not be effective here. At any time damage can occur in a new place.

So during the flat roof inspection you should pay special attention to the following elements:

  • the height of the parapet;
  • places with bulges, leaks and signs of deformation;
  • flat roof ventilation;
  • shifting of the roofing materials and structural elements.

How to perform the replacement?

If you have decided that flat roof replacement is necessary for your home, you may face the problem of how to perform this difficult procedure correctly.

At first, you need to dismantle the old roofing. So you should conduct such steps for the dismantling of old roofing elements:

  • firstly, you need to remove the roof flashings, aerators and aprons;
  • then you have to clean off all layers of old roofing coating;
  • after that you should remove the concrete screed layer;
  • and finally it is required to remove the insulation layer.

New roofing should be laid in the following sequence:

  • at first, you should put beacons to create a new levelling concrete layer;
  • then a layer of insulation should be laid;
Flat roof replacement
Flat roof replacement
  • also you should put the reinforced mesh above the insulation layer;
  • after that you need to pour the new levelling screed (with a thickness of at least 4 cm);
  • then you need to lay roofing coatings;
  • after that you can fix the rest of roofing elements, such as parapets.

Old flat roof waterproofing layers must be replaced by plates with the wedge-shaped profile. Such kind of profile will ensure the correct slope to the gutters. This will guarantee the proper water runoff and will avoid the appearance of paddles on the roof.

Laying of the waterproofing layer
Laying of the waterproofing layer

Under the insulation layer you should lay modern membrane coverings, which will protect the whole construction from water. For example, you can give your preference to TPO, PVC or EPDM membrane roofing materials.

Also you can choose the other way for the laying of materials for the flat roof. Thus, firstly, you can lay the waterproofing layer and then – water-resistant polyurethane foam or other material of similar structure.

To fix the insulation, you need to lay a thick gravel cushion. This also will ensure the protection of the whole construction from ultraviolet radiation.

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