3 Types of Membrane Roof Repair For Your Home

Membrane is a modern type of roofing. Its installation technology allows to ensure seamless and one-piece coating, so you won’t need to perform membrane roof repair too often. But if your roof is quite old and you need to perform renovation work, this article will help you.

Though during the operation period, membrane roofing can get the shrinkage within 0.5%. It can be enough for voltage appearance and depressurization of suture joints. As the result, membrane roofing can be seriously damaged during the performing of some sorts of work, mounting of additional equipment or careless cleaning of ice and snow.

Signs of Membrane Roof Defects

Main signs of membrane roof defects are the following:

  • violation of the integrity;
  • appearance of the depressions or bulges;
  • oxidation, corrosion and detachment of roofing materials.
Detachment of roofing materials
Detachment of roofing materials

Before the start of roofing repair, you have to perform some preparatory actions. Among other things, it is important to measure the total damaged area of membrane roof. The result of measurements will allow you to determine the area of the patch. Also you can add 20% to the obtained result. It will allow you to avoid the possibility of error in the measurements.

Types of Membrane Roof Repair

Depending on different types of membrane roofing, there are also various types of membrane roof repair, among them:

  • EPDM-membrane repair;
  • PVC-membrane;
  • TPO-membrane.

Each of these types has its own peculiarities, so it is important to consider them in detail.

EPDM-membrane repair.

The basis of this covering is artificial rubber with reinforcing polymer mesh. Also different polymer additives can be added for the strengthening of structure of EPDM-membrane.

It is ecological, elastic and waterproof material. In this case repair is needed, if there was a violation of adhesive technology or poor installation of roofing material.

You can use modern repair technology EternaBond. It operates through the chemical stimulation of adhesion. EternaBond provides the solidity of the glue connections. Actually, it is a roll tape, which has an adhesive layer from one side. This side of the tape actively reacts with the structure of membrane.

Membrane roof repair with the use of EternaBond
Membrane roof repair with the use of EternaBond

You should perform few steps to fix the coating. Sequence of repair works consists of the following stages:

  • at first, you have to degrease the surface with special solvent;
  • then apply the fragment of the tape on damaged surface;
  • laminate the surface of membrane roof with the use of special roller;
  • it is important to check the quality of repair – you can try to break it with your hands.
Rolling of membrane roof patches
Rolling of membrane roof patches

This technology allows to perform the repair work even on flammable objects. Also if the patch will be different from the rest of coating by its texture and color, you can cover the damaged area with acrylic paint.


Basis of this material is polyvinyl chloride. Also structure of PVC-membrane has some volatile plasticizers. They ensure the elasticity of the material. Reliable polyester mesh gives the additional flexibility to the membrane.

PVC-membrane can be installed on roofs with complex structure. Another one important advantage of this material is lack of seams. PVC-membrane provides almost complete waterproofing. In addition, this material usually has white color, and due to this it has better reflectivity.

Video: PVC / TPO Flat Roof Repair

Repair of PVC-membrane implies the replacement of damaged parts of roofing material and careful welding of seams and joints. Repair of this type is a little easier, because it doesn’t require the creation of the upper gravel layer.


This high-tech modern material appeared not long ago and it has some advantages. TPO-membrane consists of polypropylene and ethylene propylene rubbers in the proportion of 70/30 accordingly. Also this material is amplified with polyester mesh or glass fiber.

Welding of membrane roof
Welding of membrane roof

Structure of PVC-membrane allows to perform repair work at any time of the year. Membrane roof repair can be conducted with the use of hot air welding in areas of depressurization or by restoring the overlapped joints.

Non-Government Standards describing repair methods and materials for various types of low-slope roof membranes and related components:

UFC 3-110-04. Rooring Maintenance and Repair.

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