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5 Steps of Terracotta Tile Roof Installation 5 Steps of Terracotta Tile Roof Installation

In our times terracotta tile roof is an example of real classic among other roofing materials. This type of roofing has a lot of advantages. Moreover, this material has a special charm of old Europe. As you know, terracotta tile has been used for almost...

Composite roof tiles Composite roof tiles
Concrete roof tiles Concrete roof tiles
Asphalt Shingles Are #1 Roofing Material in the US Asphalt Shingles Are #1 Roofing Material in the US

In recent decades asphalt shingles became the most requested roofing material, as well as the most often offered by roofing contractors. They are pretty harsh, durable, they serve you for decades, they are easy to maintain and to replace if needed. So...

Not long ago, the concept of "tiles" had no ambiguity – the so-called one-of-a-kind roofing material. Today same old concept has a few clarifications: composite, soft, natural, polymer, and finally metal. In this section we try to show that they are United and in what their difference, as carry out the installation of each of these species.

The main difference is the raw material used for production of a particular product. It is in the name of the tile. The only exception is natural, which means either ceramic or cement-sand tiles. The heavier this mosaic roofing material, the roof pitch should be smaller, however, for the device flat roofs shingles are generally not suitable.

When choosing shingles, it is worth to be sensitive to the composition of components, profile, manufacturer and external and internal coating. Popular brands are often more expensive, however, not necessary to save. Shingles - this type of material, which can be purchased only from well-established, reliable company.