5 Steps of Terracotta Tile Roof Installation

In our times terracotta tile roof is an example of real classic among other roofing materials. This type of roofing has a lot of advantages. Moreover, this material has a special charm of old Europe. As you know, terracotta tile has been used for almost 2000 years in Europe as a main roofing material.

Natural low-melting clay is the main raw material for the production of terracotta tile. Therefore, this is highly eco-friendly material, which also has such advantages:

  • high durability and nice exterior view;
  • this material has high resistance to temperature fluctuations (up to 100 °C), ultraviolet radiation and influence of chemical substances;
  • natural insulation features – in cold days this material keeps heat in the house and in cold time it provides warmth in premises;
  • also terracotta tile has natural ventilation and ensures high-quality sound insulation.

Types of Terracotta Tile

At first, it is need to review the main types of terracotta tiles. So there are following types, which has its own features and special advantages:

  • natural terracotta tile – this material has natural color of baked clay (terracotta shade), which will fade over some time;
Natural terracotta tile roof
Natural terracotta tile roof
  • engobed tiles – multi-colored coating on the basis of mixture of powdered clay, mineral colorants and water. Also it has good resistance to the temperature fluctuations;
  • glazed tiles – coating, which is made from glassy silicates, molten on the surface of the tile. This material protects pores of the clay from moisture penetration. Also glazed layer improves the mechanical durability and chemical resistance of the material, also gives an exquisite brilliance to the tiles.

Installation of Terracotta Tile Roof

Installation of terracotta tile roof is one of the most difficult and painstaking processes among other types of roofing work. This process requires the strict observance of installation technology. It is need to stress that this work should be performed by the real professional, who has great experience in this sphere.

The whole procedure of terracotta tile roof installation consists of two stages: preparatory and executive. Preparatory stage starts during the design of building, which should be performed by designer.

It is need to remember that terracotta tile can be installed on the roofs with a roof pitch in the range of 18-90 degrees. The more will be the roof pitch – the less negative will be the effect of precipitation. But also it is need to consider that big roof pitch requires the presence of additional fasteners. The best solution in this case is a roof pitch about 35-40 degrees.

Preparation for the installation
Preparation for the installation

Usually the main stage of terracotta tile installation consists of 5 steps, among them:

  • Installation of roof truss system

This is a first step of installation of any type of roofing. But the main feature of natural tile roofing is the fact that this type of roofing is several times harder than other materials. Therefore, it is important to install a strong foundation for the roof.

Also it is need to add the maximum wind and snow load on the roof to the weight of whole structure. To increase the durability of construction, you should reduce the distance between bars.

  • Laying of waterproofing

After the installation of truss system, you should start to lay down the waterproofing. You need to lay it with overlaps. For the additional durability, you can glue it with special tape. If the roof pitch is small, it is recommended to strengthen the waterproofing layer. On the roof with small pitch water stagnates longer.

  • Installation of counter lathing

Counter lathing is necessary for the creation of ventilated space between insulation and waterproofing layers under the roofing.

  • Installation of crate

You should install the crate on the counter lathing. On this construction later you need to install the roofing material.

  • Installation of terracotta tile roof

This step should be started from the top, from right to the left. Usually it is recommended to use screws for wood for the installation of tiles. You need to put this roofing material evenly over 5-6 tiles on its basis.

Features of the terracotta tile installation
Features of the terracotta tile installation

If the roof pitch reaches 50 degrees, you should provide an additional fastening. For example, you can use additional screws. Also it is important to leave a small distance between tiles on the eaves. This will ensure the necessary air access and ventilation under the roof.

Laying terracotta tile
Laying terracotta tile

In addition, you can trim the excess material, using sander, but only after the finish of installation process. After that you need to clean the roof, remove all debris and dust from it.

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