Composite roof tiles

Composite roof tiles is a nice solution for any house. This roofing material will perfectly decorate your home, because it has stylish design, wide variety of colors. Therefore, your home will be unique and incomparable.

This is absolutely new material, so all modern trends for roofing production were taken into account during its development.


Composite roofing tiles are multilayer roofing, which based on the iron sheet with thickness of 0.5 mm. This sheet is protected with special composition of Aluzinc, which is considered to be one of the best solution for iron protection for today.

So composite roof tiles have following structure:

  • Transparent acrylic layer, which will protect roofing from dust;
  • Granules of natural stone – gives the appearance for this material and protects metal from mechanical damage;
  • Special acrylic layer – captures granules on the material basis;
  • Acrylic primer – gives additional protection from corrosion;
  • Aluzinc layer – provides reliable protection and high durability of the material;
  • Steel – basis of composite roof tiles, which gives strength of the material.

Basalt crumbs in the structure of this roofing material prevents the hit of direct sunlight on acrylic lacquer layer. At the same time, it ensures good noise insulation, as a result composite tile roof will not drum during the rain, like cheap metal tile.

Texture of composite roof tiles
Texture of composite roof tiles

Optimum size of tiles and it’s lightweight allow to reduce cost of the installation. In addition, it is quite possible to install composite roof tiles by yourself.

Basically, different types of crushed minerals can be applied on the basis of composite roof tiles. For example, it can be granules of basalt or granite, also it can be quartz filling, jasper or jade.

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Composite tile roof has a wide range of use, it is perfectly suitable for different types of buildings. For example, you can install this roofing material on cottages, luxury mansions, suburban and country houses.

Composite tile roof on the building with complex architecture
Composite tile roof on the building with complex architecture

Thanks to the ideal texture of composite roof tiles, this material is often used in the restoration of historic buildings and architectural monuments.


It is need to say that composite tile roof is a very good option, because it has a number of positive sides. So there are following advantages of this roofing material:

  • Gorgeous appearance, which suitable both for house in classical style and hi-tech home;
  • Long lifetime – not less than 50 years;
  • This material is really lightweight;
  • Noiselessness;
  • Great choice of accommodation forms, shades and colors;
  • Small dimensions of sheets – it is really comfortable for the installation of this roofing;
  • Granules of natural stone gives a prestigious look and serves as a nice barrier for wind, noise and rain.

In addition to these benefits, composite roof tiles will not change their original appearance with time. Also this type of roofing shows really great resistance to the action of ultraviolet radiation, it almost does not fade.

Also composite tile roofing will be suitable for regions with high risk of occurrence of fire, because this material shows high fire safety.

Installation of composite roof tiles
Photo: installation of composite roof tiles

You can find a lot of different suggestions of composite roof tiles on the market of roofing material, Spanish manufacturers are particularly appreciated. For example, many roofing companies in Denver offer wide variety of products, which have no difference with natural roofing materials.

Moreover, it is need to tell that composite roof tiles are much better than slate roofing or clay tiles. Composite tile roofing is lighter than these roofing materials, also it has longer operation term.

With composite roof tiles you can shake the design of your house and give it a really distinctive look. You can reach a unique tone of your roofing due to the mixing of different shades of mineral crumbs in the structure of composite roof tiles.

Wide range of colors and shades of composite roof tiles
Wide range of colors and shades of composite roof tiles

Also composite tile roof can be used on different types of roof, with different angle of slope. Composite tile roofs are really flexible, easy to cut and you can easily give them a desired shape. But of course, this roofing material shows its best qualities on roofs with angle of slope in the range of 12-90 degrees.

Composite roof tiles almost have no windage, so it is able to withstand any weather conditions, instead of other roofing materials.


Here you can see average price of composite roof tiles in US, UK cities and compare them between each other. In particular, you can analyze prices, which are offered by different suppliers, including roofing companies in Denver.

Production of composite roofing tiles
Production of composite roofing tiles


Cost of composite roof tiles should be evaluated in comprehensively, because its production process consists of individual process stages. Initial stage of production for each manufacturer is different, although it has one purpose – to get the base for future roofing sheet of composite tile.

City/State Cost per square foot, $
Tallahassee/Florida 30-35
Tucson/Arizona 25-35
Roseburg/Oregon 30-40
San Diego/California 25-35
Bridgeport/Connecticut 25-35
Denver/Colorado 30-35
Bristol/UK 35-45

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