5 Steps of The Installation of Laminated Architectural Shingles

Modern roofing material – laminated architectural shingles is a fiberglass, soaked with bitumen with grit of basalt granules. They can give to the roof a real attractiveness, refined quality and aesthetics. In addition this material will protect building from the influence of environment and will serve for a long time.

Basalt granules give an additional durability to this roofing material and create a relief surface on the roof. Usually, topping of laminated architectural shingles consists of pellets with close shades and different size. Therefore, you can create luxurious and rich coating.


This roofing material has lots of significant advantages, among them:

  • very durable material, which has high resistance to wind loads;
  • with laminated architectural shingles you have the opportunity to create mixed color combinations and contrasting roofing;
  • optimal weight, which allows to resist the wind and without the creation of excess load;
  • long service life.
Range of colors of laminated architectural shingles
Range of colors of laminated architectural shingles

Due to the special structure of laminated architectural shingles, this material is very durable. The shingle consists of two parts: curly upper part and solid basis. As a result of gluing of these two layers you can get a really reliable material.

Also these shingles have unique form, which ensure a special volume of the roof. The upper part of shingle is made in form of irregular rectangle.

In addition, laminated shingles should be laid in two, three or even four layers. And the more will be the number of layers, the more will be the durability of shingles.

These shingles are produced in the form of flat sheets with 3 or 4 «petals» (or plates). Plates can be covered with different geometric patterns. The lower part of shingle has a self-adhesive strip, which allows to create absolutely tight joints after the installation.

For shingles with continuous adhesive layer, the minimal roof pitch should be in the range of 10-12 degrees. For the rest of shingles the roof pitch should reach at least 18 degrees.

Installation of Laminated Architectural Shingles

At first, you should remember that installation of laminated architectural shingles must be performed at temperature not less than +5 °С. If you will not stick this rule, perfect tightness of shingles will not be achieved.

So there are following steps, which you need to learn to perform the installation of laminated architectural shingles successfully:

  • Creation of solid flooring

So you need to perform flooring for the roofing material. This construction must be made from battens. Also you can use for this purpose moisture-resistant plywood or different types of particle boards. It is necessary to reach a perfect smoothness of the flooring. Because there will be noticeable roughness on a thin coating of the roofing material.

  • The arrangement of gentle stingrays

It is recommended to equip gentle slopes (12-20 degrees) with a layer of fiberglass lining. You should lay the belt of carpet-lining in parallel to the eaves, rolling them to the top. Also it is important to lay the fabric with overlaps.

  • Installation of shingles

You should fix shingles with nails with a wide hat. It is need to stress that if you perform the installation in conditions of cold weather, you should use construction dryer. This will ensure reliable connection and sealing of shingles.

Fixing shingles
Fixing shingles
  • Strengthening of joints

On the kinks of relief (for example, places of adjunctions to the chimney and ridge) you should strengthen the joints with special bitumen adhesive. This will improve the reliability of seal. Try to choose glue and shingles of the same manufacturer.

  • Additional finishing
Installing shingles near the ridge
Installing shingles near the ridge

Also you can install lining plate (roll material) on the roof. It is not necessary, but it will add some attractiveness to the appearance of your home. Thus, you can lay lining plate on the ridge to trim the edges of slopes and ridge of the roof.

Ready-made laminated architectural singles roof

In addition, you should place the aerators on the ridge to ensure the ventilation of the under-ridge space. Later you can install the snow guard to avoid the stagnation of snow on the roof.

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