What Is PVC Membrane Roofing – Advantages, Installation

Number of roofs, equipped with PVC membrane roofing, is growing each year. And this is not surprising, because this material has a lot of significant advantages in comparison with other options.

Today this covering is considered to be one of the most qualitative materials for the arrangement of soft roofs. Actually, this is a waterproofing covering, which is made from plasticized polyvinyl chloride. This material has long-term service life and high durability.

For additional durability polyvinyl chloride is reinforced with polyester fiber. Also big content of plasticizers with high volatility ensure the elasticity of material.

Structure of PVC membrane roofing
Picture: Structure of PVC membrane roofing

PVC membrane consists of the following components:

  • upper PVC layer, which has high sustainability to the temperature changes and ultraviolet exposure. It has wide color spectrum, so you can choose the most suitable shade for you;
  • reinforcement polyester mesh (for reinforced types of membranes);
  • bottom layer, which has darker shade. This component allows to find damaged areas and leaks due to the difference in color between the upper and lower layers.

Main Advantages of PVC Membrane Roofing

PVC membrane roofing has such advantages:

  • high degree of fire safety;
  • this material is well protected from punctures;
  • using PVC membrane roofing, you have the opportunity to perform roof replacement or repair and installation work even in winter period;
  • high degree of waterproofing;
  • long operating life;
  • safe installation – there is no need to use fire during the performance of work;
  • PVC membrane roofing has the ability to pass steam. This allows to reduce the pressure under the roof and also gives the opportunity to perform the repair work without removing the old coating.

In addition, PVC membrane roofing has different color solutions (up to 9 different color options), so you can realize various design projects. Thus, even people with the most sophisticated tastes will be satisfied with this roofing material.

Due to the high elasticity of PVC membrane roofing, this material is more durable and resistant to temperature deformations.


The structure of PVC membrane roof has several elements (layers), among them:

  • vapor barrier, which is mounted directly on the roof surface;
  • insulation boards;
  • the main component of the PVC membrane roof is the membrane itself. Basically, it consists of propylene-ethylene rubber (approximately 70%) and polypropylene.

One of the most important advantages of PVC membrane roofing is the fact that this material ensures waterproofing. Therefore, it doesn’t require the presence of additional waterproofing constructions. Also you have the opportunity to install this material on any basis with any angle.

Preparation for the PVC membrane installation
Preparation for the PVC membrane installation

In addition, this material can be mounted really fast. Therefore, probably, it is the most practical roofing. During one shift it is possible to install about 6000 sq ft. Also you can lay PVC membrane roofing on the unprepared basis, which can be even wet.

Installation of PVC membrane roofing consists of the following stages:

  • at first, you should remove all unnecessary items (advertising signs, aerials) and debris, which can prevent the installation;
  • laying of the vapor barrier material with overlap and gluing of joints;
  • then you should lay an insulation (mineral wool and foam);
  • on the basis layer you should lay PVC membranes with 15 cm of overlap. If you need to lay membranes on wooden crate, you should use telescopic fasteners with screws. And similar fasteners with the addition of dowel nails will be suitable for concrete surfaces.
Welding of joints with hot air
Welding of joints with hot air

The required number of fasteners is calculated individually for each roof. It depends on the climatic conditions of region and construction of the roof. When the whole roof is fixed, you should weld joints of material using special equipment.

Ready-made PVC membrane roof
Ready-made PVC membrane roof

Finishing this procedure, you must roll these areas with the use of silicone roller. Also it is important to check the quality of the obtained connection. For example, you can try to break it by your hands.

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