PVC Roof Panels – What Is It, How to Install

If you want to build a nice and practical covering above the swimming pool or green garden, installation of PVC roof panels can be a perfect solution in this case.

This transparent roof can skip enough amount of sunlight. Thus, it gives good development of plants and beautiful review. And, of course, it is also a nice, reliable and qualitative roofing material.

PVC Roof Panels: What is it?

This material can be made from polyvinyl chloride, acrylic or polycarbonate. Also it can be reinforced with fiber glass. Special production technology allows to ensure an additional margin of safety, resistance to temperature changes and protection from ultraviolet radiation.

PVC roof panel
PVC roof panel

PVC roof panels have following main characteristics and advantages:

  • this roofing material has high flexibility. It gives the opportunity to build complex structures using PVC roof panels;
  • high resistance to temperature changes – it can cope with temperature fluctuations without any damages in the range from 60 °С to -60 °С. It is really impressive;
  • high resistance to negative weather conditions, ultraviolet radiations and corrosion;
  • good insulation features;
  • the anti-shock feature;
  • there is a wide variety of different colors of PVC roof panels;
  • also this material is very easy to clean;
  • high soundproofing features – it reduces the noise, which can be created by hail or raindrops;
  • light weight and simple installation – there is no need to build strong bearing structures of the roof;
  • high sustainability of this material – it does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere.

PVC roof panels are really safety, because they also have high resistance to fire. It is very important feature, especially if you want to choose material for the use in hot climate.

But also you need to remember that this roofing material is not suitable for walking. PVC roof panels can crack. Therefore, if necessary you can lay a wide board on the roof to redistribute the weight. Also it is forbidden to step on panels before installation.

It is important to make holes in panels before installing. If crate is made from metal, it is recommended to paint it in white color or wrap it in aluminum foil. These measures allow to prevent the overheating of PVC roof panels.

PVC roof panel awning
PVC roof panel awning

Transparent PVC panels are perfect solution for different types of buildings, among them:

  • winter tropical gardens and greenhouses;
  • indoor pools;
  • awnings for summer café, terrace;
  • parkings, garages and warehouses;
  • balconies and sheds.

In addition, this roofing material is economically advantageous. It has not only affordable price, but also it doesn’t need the construction of additional structures in order to enhance the reliability of the roof. This material is quite lightweight, so you don’t need to spend the extra money for the installation of additional supporting structures.


As you know, the quality of the roof and its longevity depend on the material quality and proper installation. So it is important to review in detail the installation process of PVC roof panels.

PVC roof panels installation
Picture: PVC roof panels installation

You should perform the mounting of roofing only at a temperature of 5°С and on the roof with a slope of at least 6%. At low temperature PVC roof panels can be inelastic, which can result to deformations. It is recommended to cut this roofing material with the use of special hacksaw or circular saw.

Also it is important to avoid the vibration of material, because this also can lead to the appearance of deformations.

At first, you should remember that panels must be laid on crate by a partial overlap (width is about 20 centimeters). Then you should lay panels athwart to the rails of crate.

Screwing the PVC roof panel
Screwing the PVC roof panel

It is important to make the holes for the screws with a little margin (about 3 mm). Eventually, after the changes of ambient temperature, the shape of the screws may change. Also you should use only special screws with hats, which ensure the high-quality sealing.

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