Types of roofs

3 Solutions For Gable Roof Plans 3 Solutions For Gable Roof Plans

If you want to install gable roof, you need to perform preparatory work for this process. This will ensure the successful and long operational life of this type of roof. Therefore, it is very important to review different gable roof plans to choose the...

11 Best Different Types of Roofs for your Home 11 Best Different Types of Roofs for your Home

When building a house, aesthetic perception of the building and protection from unpleasant weather conditions are guaranteed by such an extremely important part of the whole structure as the roof. Depending on forms, factors, types, sizes and design features,...

Retractable roof Retractable roof
Arched roof — advantages, materials, photo Arched roof — advantages, materials, photo

Arched roof is an original and practical solution for any building. Also it is particularly suitable for winter gardens and swimming pools, barn plans. But in recent times this type of roof becomes really popular and it is widely used in building of residential...

Mansard Roof Mansard Roof

This section describes the most common types and styles of roofs. If you have a choice of which type of roof to build, then pay close attention to this section of the site.

Here you can find articles about all types and shapes of roofs that have ever been invented. Interesting facts are clear, vivid and understandable language, and read, literally, "in one breath".

In articles you can find answers to many of the existing issues that may arise when planning the construction of the roof. Discusses the most important aspects: types of roofs in General and to the in-depth review of each individual species.

The section is constantly updated with new articles and therefore to be aware of roofing Affairs, receive only the most relevant and reliable information from those who work in construction!