Arched roof — advantages, materials, photo

Arched roof is an original and practical solution for any building. Also it is particularly suitable for winter gardens and swimming pools, barn plans. But in recent times this type of roof becomes really popular and it is widely used in building of residential and commercial constructions.

This type of roof is created for owners of architectural and artistic taste. It attracts attention and provides the sublime atmosphere in the internal space of the house.


There are following main advantages of the arched roof:

  • It gives a special look to the building;
  • It has better wind resistance;
  • High durability – after bending material of the roof becomes harder and stronger;
  • Due to its form snow does not accumulate on the roof;
  • It provides better ventilation and illumination of the facility.

Definition of the arched roof means that main elements of this construction have curved form. These elements can be made from wood, metal or concrete.

Modern building with arched roof
Modern building with arched roof

Also arched roof stands out among other types due to the fact that this construction does not require the use of bearings and rafters.

But it is also need to say that big weight of the arched roof assumes the formation of durable and reliable foundation.

On metal buildings it is recommended to use products, which made from durable alloys with the lowest susceptibility to corrosion.

Nearly every type of building can be covered with arched roof. For example, it is perfectly suitable for pergola, shed or even carport. It is really universal type of roof.


There are a lot of different materials, which can serve as a covering for arched roof designs. For example, there are following options:

  • Galvanized steel;
  • Other sheet materials, like OSB-plates, plywood;
  • Transparent materials – polycarbonate, tempered glass and plastic.

Galvanized sheet steel is probably the best material for arched roof. This material has some qualitative features, like stiffness. It is suitable both for framing and covering of the roof.

Curved sheet of galvanize
Curved sheet of galvanize

It is worth to stress that arched metal roof is the most durable and optimal type of arched construction. Particularly, if it is building with relatively small dimensions.

The installation of the arched roof with a large area will be much harder. In this case you will need to connect several individual elements into the patterned design. For example, there is a lamella arched roof construction.

Also one of the most popular material for the arched roof is plywood. It is widely used in the construction of swimming pools, shopping centers and water parks.

The main advantages of polycarbonate materials are aesthetics, modern design and the ability to skip the rays of the sun. Transparent materials have features to create the natural illumination of the internal space of building.

Polycarbonate arched roof
Polycarbonate arched roof

In addition, modern materials, like plastic and polycarbonate do not require additional support. Also this material is very durable and can easily skip heat and light. This material can be performed in cells or sheets.

It is a very flexible material and it is easy to bend in a cold condition. Arched roof with polycarbonate framing is performed from aluminum profiles, which guarantees following benefits:

  • Corrosion resistance;
  • Light weight;
  • Easy and quick installation;
  • Simple maintenance.

It is important to remember that polycarbonate arched roof requires qualitative air conditioning system.


Framing construction of the arched roof can be made from curved metal, wood or concrete designs.

Construction of the arched roof framing is made in the form of arches or truss, which must be bent accordingly. Therefore it is not so simple to perform its installation by yourself.

Installation of the arched roof
Installation of the arched roof

The installation process is quite difficult. It requires uniform bending of the framing arch on all its length. To bend the arch you should make on it special incisions with the same interval. The more incisions you make, the smaller radius you will get.

Video: Building a Curved Gable that actually looks good.

After the bending you should make a fitting from the profile of one arch. If it is necessary you can align it a little and fix it with ribs of rigidity. This is a first framing arch, and then it can be used as a template for other elements of the construction.

Barn with arched roof
Barn with arched roof

 After that, covering sheets (galvanized sheets, plywood, plastic, polycarbonate) should be stapled with framing arches. If the roof has large area, it is necessary to install the aluminum crate. With this it will be more reliable and durable.

Aluminum is an ideal material for the crate. It has moisture resistance, therefore you don’t need to paint it constantly.

This crate should be installed with the use of screws. Holes for screws should be larger than the diameter of screws to 3-4 mm.

It is important, because this will prevent the deformation of the roof. Also the interval of crate should be performed in the proportion of 1:2 to the width of the covering sheet.

Of course, self-installation of the arched roof is not so simple. But your efforts and costs will be rewarded with excellent result.

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