5 Types of Flat Roof Coating for Your Home

Flat roof coating can become a pretty nice investment if you choose the right manufacturer and type. Besides, it extends the life of a roof due to the fact it lowers its temperature, leading to additional energy savings. But how to make the right choice? Today’s market offers a great variety of types of roofs and specifying the coating for a flat roof is not an easy task to deal with. And the main problem is that coating adhesion depends on the characteristics of the substrate. By the way, it is really difficult for the coating to adhere to smooth, hard and chemically inert surfaces. So, which coating should be regarded as the best option for a flat roof?

Flat Roof Waterproofing MARISEAL 1
Flat Roof Waterproofing MARISEAL 1

Types of Coating for a Flat Roof

If the building needs a new roof, the owner is trying to look for the options that are popular thanks to such qualities as an ability to withstand weather conditions and durability. Here are 5 popular choices we suggest paying special attention to:

  • built-up roofs;
  • torch on roofs;
  • membranes;
  • rubber coating;
  • liquids.

Let’s view characteristics that make these coating types the best. A built-up roof is made of layers of waterproof membrane (plastic material), which is alternated with hot tar or gravel and roofing compound. Why is this coating so popular? It is the cheapest option for a flat roof. The only possible drawback is the fact it is really difficult to install.

Torch on roof style for flat roofs works like a self-adherent membrane style with a single difference – the use of a torch. During the installation workers apply membranes one by one and seal them together with a hot torch. This is a quite reliable roofing at moderate prices. Membranes combine several materials that are installed in sheets or roles. Common styles include:

  • thermo-plastic olefin;
  • single-ply polyvinyl chloride;
  • modified bitumen.

Rubber coating is used in modernization of old roofing: it is placed over top of other types of roofing solutions and is simply spread by a roller or just spread on the roof. The application is effective, but it is thin. The only drawback is the fact that this type of roofing is very expensive. Liquid coating is another type worth your attention. It is normally used in reroof situations, when the coating is applied over the existing coating material. The process includes cleaning and patching the seams, tear and damage to the old material.

coal roof
coal roof

Forms of Liquid Flat Roof Coating

The following two variants of liquid coating are the commonest ones and deserve special attention – asphalt base and elastomeric roof coating. The first option is petroleum-based and is of black color. This type should be used only over asphalt-based roof or modified bitumen. In rare cases it is used on a metal roof, but it doesn’t last for a long time. Elastomeric coating is rubber-based and is of white color. It is relatively better than asphalt covering, because of the ability to stretch, which resolves lots of roof problems.

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In addition to these 5 main types of flat roof coating, there are 3 additional ones that shouldn’t be neglected. The first is standing seam metal roofing, which is perfect for slope and flat surfaces and provides a weather tight joint. Though the option is pretty expensive, it pays for itself by eliminating roof maintenance costs. Wooden shingles roof is another variant, especially popular in Phoenix, Kansas, Florida, etc. This roof lasts longer and is known for being rather available. As clay tile roof installation requires much time and efforts, this type of roofing shouldn’t be neglected as it is well-protected from weather damage and repels excess water. Choose the type that suits your needs the best and solve roofing problems for many years to come.