3 Solutions For Gable Roof Plans

If you want to install gable roof, you need to perform preparatory work for this process. This will ensure the successful and long operational life of this type of roof. Therefore, it is very important to review different gable roof plans to choose the best option for your home.

What Is Important To Consider?

While performing the calculation for gable roof, you need to consider the following indicators:

  • width of the roof;
  • its height from basis to the ridge.

Also you need to create the roof truss system, which should be based on the on the form of isosceles triangle. Simple geometric constructions and calculations will allow you to determine the length of rafters: to the square root, which consists of the sum of squares of the roof height and half of the width of the roof.

Gable roof plan
Gable roof plan

The number of rafters depends on the length of the roof and type of roofing material, which you will choose. Usually distance between rafters should lay in the range of 1.2-1.5 meters. It is important to sustain these indicators.

Using the value of length of distance between rafters and distance of the ridge you can perform the calculations of the roofing surface square. For this purpose you need to multiply these values.

In addition you need to consider the presence of following elements of the truss design:

  • plate;
  • ridge;
  • rafters;
  • stands;
  • runs;
  • crossbars;
  • struts.

All wooden elements must be processed with the use of special compositions, which have to prevent decay, damages, which can be caused by pests and the possibility of fire.

Gable roof plans options

Among the large variety of roof types, gable roof is considered to be one of the most popular. It has some important advantages, such as simple design, excellent stability and high versatility. Also it is need to say that there are a lot of different gable roof plans, each of which has its own features and advantages.

In general, gable roof consists of two inclined rectangular planes – roof slopes, which must be installed at a certain angle to the outer walls of the building. The angle of the roof slopes allows you to ensure the natural flow of precipitation (rain, melt water) from the roof.

During the planning of gable roof it is important to pay attention to the angle of roof slopes. This parameter depends on the climatic features of a specific region. Thus, roof with a steep angle should be installed in regions with high level of precipitation. Areas with strong winds require the installation of gentle slopes. This will allow to reduce the wind load.

The angle of roof slope should lay in the range of 5-90 degrees. Also one of the most common solutions is angle in the range of 35-45 degrees. This option is the most economical and convenient. But, on the other hand, you will get too cold room, so it will be uninhabitable.

If you need to arrange the dwelling room in your attic, you should choose sloping gable roof. In this case the upper part of the roof will be flatter and the lower will have steep slope. Therefore, attic space will be increased and you will have the opportunity to use it as loft.

Thus you can use following solutions for your gable roof:

  • Roof with uneven angles of slopes

Roofs with uneven slope angles (ridge is located passes not through the center of the building) and different length of the eaves allows you to express architectural features of your home. Such type of gable roof has a really original look. But, on the other side, here you can feel the lack of the rational use of attic.

Example of gable roof with uneven angles
Picture: example of gable roof with uneven angles
  • Sloping roof

This construction is suitable for those, who want to use the attic floor as loft. In this case you need to arrange proper insulation and waterproofing on your loft. With this solution you will receive a lot of important advantages and additional opportunities, among them:

  • this space you can use for the creation entertainment areas (for example, it can be library, billiard room, workshop or walk-in closet);
  • this is really comfortable place – you can fall asleep to the pleasant sounds of rain;
  • you can get an additional space;
  • also you can arrange a nice terrace on your loft.
Sloping roof
Sloping roof
  • Gable symmetrical roof

Gable symmetrical roof is based on the isosceles triangle. This construction is the most traditional and orthodox type of gable roof plan. In addition, symmetrical roof is very popular with not only professional builders, but also beginners.

Symmetrical roof
Symmetrical roof

Thus, even a novice in the construction industry will be able to cope with such type of project.

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