How To Build Gable Roof – 4 Steps To Perform

Durability of your home depends on the quality of the roof. It is need to stress that among other types of roofs, one of the most popular is gable roof. This construction is relatively simple and practical, so many people prefer to choose it as a roof for their home. Thus, in this article you can learn how to build gable roof for your home.


Gable roof has following advantages:

  • practicality;
  • the opportunity to place heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems on the attic;
  • this construction prevents the accumulation of snow and precipitation on the roofing;
  • this construction does not require complex technological solutions;
  • attractive appearance;
  • gable roof is relatively cheap – only shed roof is cheaper;

Due to the presence of spacious attic, with gable roof you can arrange loft or attic for household needs. It is really comfortable and functional solution.

The construction of gable roof assumes the presence of two walls (located on one level), on which it will be based. As the result, you will receive spacious attic space, which will be located between two ramps and walls. These elements are called gables.

Gable roof
Gable roof

Structure and roofing pie building technology depend on the way, in which you will use the attic. If you want to arrange a dwelling room here, you need to perform the insulation. Also it is recommended to place additional windows, which are necessary for the ventilation of the room.

It is important to anticipate the usage of gable roof before the beginning of construction works.

How To Build Gable Roof Guide

This short guide will help you to learn how to build gable roof. To perform successful installation of this construction you need to perform following 4 steps:

  • Construction of the roof system

Roof system is the main constructional element of each gable roof. It is really important part of whole roof construction. It must be able to withstand the weight of roofing and also the weight of snow and debris. There are such types of rafters:

  • hanging;
  • rafters with intermediate support.

The choice of rafters depends on roof dimensions and construction of the house. If there is a supporting wall, it can be used as a basis for rafters with intermediate support. In this case, the ends of the rafters should be based on the walls of building and its middle part – based on walls or supports.

Gable roof scheme
Gable roof scheme

The main advantage of such type of roof system is its light weight. The use of hanging rafters is more appropriate, where there are no intermediate supports. The width of the rafters can be increased due to the construction of additional supports. If you will use one additional support, the distance should reach 12 meters and for two – 15 meters.

If the house is built from timber, the rafters should be based on the upper crowns. In this case the mounting must be performed with the use of bolt and bracket. The connection of rafters should be made with the use of metal inserts and bolts. In other cases better will be the construction of plate.

Gable roof system scheme
Gable roof system scheme
  • Construction of plate

Plate is basis for the rafters. Usually this role plays timber with a cross section of 15 cm. This element perfectly copes with the function of the foundation for the roof. Plate must be located under the rafters along the roof slope.

Also it is important to create the waterproofing layer during the installation of plate. It is recommended to use ruberoid for this purpose. Proper installation of plate will avoid possible problems with strong wind.

  • Insulation and roof sheathing

On the ready-made roof system you should lay waterproofing materials. Then on the waterproofing layer you can place insulating mats. They must be fixed between the rafters. The vapor barrier membrane can be located from the inner side and it can be fixed with brackets.

Crate can be laid directly on the timber. The main task of this material is to create the air gap between the layer of waterproofing material. This gap is designed to remove the moisture.

Installation of gable roof
Installation of gable roof

There are two types of crate constructions for the gable roof: lattice and solid. It is need to say that first type is more suitable for metal tile and slate.

  • Installation of roofing material

The final stage of the gable roof construction – is installation of roofing material. You can choose mineral, bitumen, metal or polymer roofing material. The final decision depends on your desire and opportunities.

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